1. All appointments are bookable in advance with a registration fee of £90 for Cherubs scheme with Three sessions or £60 for Cherubs scheme with Two Sessions unless it has been purchased though a special offer.

2. Your registration fee must be paid at the time of your booking.
3. All Bookings can only be made by either cash, debit or credit card.
4. Other promotions including family portraits and kids shoots and baby offers cannot be claimed against anything at the same time as being on the Cherubs scheme.
5. Only one offer from the Bill Leighton Studio can be claimed in any 12 month period.
6. Only one voucher per family or sitting is allowed when buying vouchers from our website (www.billleightonstudio.co.uk).
7. Missed sitting or viewing appointments without prior notice will result in the loss of any refundable deposit and prize. Appointments which are more than fifteen minutes late may result in re-arranging your sitting with a re-scheduling charge of £30 due to the scheduling of the diary.
8. It is at the discretion of the Bill Leighton Studio to refuse any former customer who has received less than 10 Bonus points on their last three visits. It is only reasonable and fair that the studio cannot knowingly take on a minus income job. Our baby portraits are highly sought after and diary time is 
limited to clients from the cherubs list or returning customers with more than 10 Bonus points. A letter of invitation must be produced if an invite is in doubt.
9. Any rudeness or bad language towards the staff will result in immediate cancellation of your sitting with loss of your refundable deposit and prizes.
10. All images produced are the copyright of Bill Leighton Studio, however, the rights to unlimited printing from a CD for personal use only is the only exception (i.e. it cannot be used for commercial purposes).
11. Use of personal cameras and recording equipment in the studio is strictly forbidden. This includes the use of mobile phones.