The perfect way to capture your baby's first year with beautiful

professional portraiture.

              Cute little posers . .

                                              . . . and crazy little characters 

All the fun of baby's first year Join our Cherubs Club for the unique chance to

capture your baby's first year with stunning portraiture

showing your baby's personality as they grow.

The registration fee is £30

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You will receive a triple frame at no further cost with

a photograph from each stage and you can

choose from great deals on our price list to

achieve a collection to treasure.

Cherubs are photographed at 4, 8 and 12 months, as

these ages tend to achieve the best results and are

important stages of your baby's development.


To book in for Cherubs please ring the studio on 01743 352323

alternatively fill in our contact form and type "Cherubs"

in the message box and we will contact you.

Cherubs. . .because they're not babies for long!


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