Cherubs Club


  The perfect way to capture your baby's first 

Expressions with beautiful professional portraiture.





Join our Cherubs Club for the unique chance to

capture gorgeous pictures of your baby's first year

with stunning portraiture

showing your baby's personality as they grow.


The registration fee is usually £60

Promotional offer £40


You will receive a double frame at no further cost with

a photograph from each stage and you can

choose from great deals on our price list to

achieve a collection to treasure.





Session 1


Beautiful, soft, gorgeous portraits that will melt your heart.

At this stage we capture a variety of adorable innocent expressions

and cheeky smiles.

This is booked for when your baby is around 4 months old.







Session 2


This session takes place when your baby is 1 year.

Your baby is standing, possibly walking and in many
cases creating havoc, We also recommend including

family shots as this stage to capture all that fun 

 to complete your final stage.



After each stage you will come back to choose the picture

you want to go in the double frame and choose any other

pictures you wish to purchase. 

However you are under no obligation to do so.


To book in for Cherubs please ring the studio on 01743 352323

alternatively fill in our contact form and type "Cherubs"

in the message box and we will contact you.




They're not babies for long!